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Empowering organisations to thrive sustainably

At Ardent Equity, we don't just invest in organizations, we partner with them

Building true partnerships through our hands-on approach


At Ardent Equity, we don't just invest in organizations, we partner with them.

We take an active role supporting entrepreneurs and management teams, committing significant time and energy to help them structurally improve and grow.

This approach is paramount to achieving long-term business value. We don't put arbitrary limits on our holding periods - because we know it takes time to build something truly great.

At Ardent Equity, we assess, align, and accelerate.


We focus on mid-market businesses with headquarters in the Benelux and DACH regions. We are eager, curious, and passionate to engage to truly understand their current position, challenges, and future potential


We look for aspiring and committed management to form true partnerships with; to challenge each other and to together build the foundation for the organization's success


We are motivated to take an active, hands-on role in helping the organization to succeed. We are passionate about leveraging our expertise to help the business grow.

We recognize that sustainability and digitalization are essential for an organization to stay competitive in today's world and to excel in the future.

Partner with us for

We believe that sustainability and digitalization are essential to an organization's success and longevity, and are therefore central to our approach.

Sustainability – Creating long-term sustainable value

At Ardent Equity, ESG is not just a box to be checked, but rather a source of competitive advantage. We recognize sustainability as a critical lever in creating long-term value, and view environmental, social, and corporate governance issues as essential elements of success.

Our commitment to ESG goes beyond mere compliance, as we strive to ensure our portfolio companies make a positive contribution to their environment. By approaching ESG with this mindset, we can drive sustainable growth and realize the full potential of our investments.

To learn more about ESG at Ardent Equity, click here

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Digitalization – Relevant today to excel in the future

Digitalization is the key to long-term success for any organization. By leveraging the latest technologies, businesses can improve the efficiency of their operations and gain valuable insights into their processes. This will enable them to make smart and timely decisions.

To truly maximize the benefits of digitalization, it’s essential for organizations to select the right set of complementary technologies and build up the right internal capabilities. This will ensure that they remain relevant today and excel in the future.

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Investment criteria

Strategic focus


We have a long history of working with mid-sized businesses, taking an active role in growing their operations.

We focus on what we know best and where we can contribute the most. We seek ambitious and committed management teams to form true partnerships with. Together, we strive to unlock the full potential of organisations.



Growth, management buyouts, professionalisation & succession, (re)structuring, spin-offs and/or carve-outs.

We take an active role in supporting entrepreneurs and management teams on various strategic topics. We are driven to help entrepreneurs and management teams succeed.



We are looking to partner with companies with their headquarters based in the Benelux or DACH region.

Active involvement is paramount and so we will spend significant time on the ground together with management.



We are flexible in the holding period.  

When we partner with companies, we want to realize their full potential. We focus on realizing sustainable success together in the long run and believe decisions should be made based on that philosophy.

Our team

Ardent Equity builds on a strong track record of its founders in the mid-market segment, focused on the Benelux and DACH regions. Our investment team has a deep and successful background, with over 100 years of relevant experience in structurally improving and growing organizations.

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